"Najlepszy Asfalt w Mieście"


YO MAMIYA f/ Rasheed Chappell / Respect Power [Vinyl Reminiscences (7")]
R.A. THE RUGGED MAN f/ Sadat X / 50,000 Heads [Nature Sounds (LP)]
QUASIMOTO / Broad Factor (Fredfades & Deckdaddy remix) [Ubiquity (EP)]
ALPS CREW / No Question [Blue Concept (12")]
J. RAWLS / We're On Top (#OhioTakeOver) [Fat Beats (LP)]
VAKILL / End Of Days [Molemen (12")]
CRAIG MACK / Mack Come Thru [Mackworld (12")]
DESERT EAGLE DISCS f/ 21 Soldiers / Wild Style [Arista (LP)]
I.G. OFF & HAZADOUS / Hip Hop Till I Die [Beyond Real (12")]
BUNZEN / Douce Agonie ('Liquid Blend' mix) [Matiére Premiére France (12")]
I.G. CULTURE w/ MC Ty & Mikey Supa / 3 Da Hard Way [One Drop Inter Outer (LP)]
I.G. CULTURE f/ My Linguisticz / In Time Wid Da Rhyme [One Drop Inter Outer (LP)]
I.G. CULTURE / Worries (pt. 2) [One Drop Inter Outer (LP)]
I.G. CULTURE f/ Mikey Supa / The Knowa [One Drop Inter Outer (LP)]
YO MAMIYA f/ Rasheed Chappell / Respect Power (express remix) [Vinyl Reminiscences (7")]


TYPICAL CATS / The Do [Galapagos4 (LP)]
ALI-KICK f/ Satussy, Simin, Bron-K & Dabo  / 4 Emcees [Infumiaikumiai (12")]
MARUHIPROJECT f/ Hunger & Taro Soul / Before The Game [Infumiaikumiai (12")]
FINSTA / Billy Badass [Indiestreetz (EP)]
DA DYSFUNKSHUNAL FAMILEE f/ Craig G / So Phony [Narcata (LP)]
QUASIMOTO / LAX To JFK [Stones Throw (LP)]
PSEUDO SLANG / Keep Diggin' Watson [unreleased]
PRINCE ALI f/ Faraz Sahab & Israh (Pacific Sonz) / 3 Kingz [Eye5/Hiero Imperium (LP)]
LONE CATALYSTS / 3 Years Ago [B.U.K.A. Entertainment (12")]
KID CAPRI / Don't Sweat Me [Cold Chillin' (LP)]
BINARY STAR / New Hip Hop [Subterraneous (LP)]
THE LIKWIT JUNKIES f/ Noelle / Ghetto [Wagram Music (LP)]
DE LA SOUL / Ego Trippin' Pt. 2 (L.A. Jay remix) [Tommy Boy (12")]
AFU-RA / Whirlwind Thru Cities (Rhyme Animal remix) [Gee Street (12")]
LORDZ OF BROOKLYN / Saturday Nite Fever [Venture/American (LP)]
HELL RAZAH f/ Talib Kweli & Victor Vaughn / Project Jazz [Gold Dust (LP)]
J. RAWLS f/ Casual / Find A New [Fat Beats (LP)]


C.I.A. / Jus 4 The Cash $ [Kru-Cut (12")]
EAZY-E / The Boyz-N-The Hood (12" version) [Ruthless (12")]
ORIGINAL CONCEPT / Pump That Bass (Get A Little Stupid... HO!) [Def Jam (12")]
TODDY TEE f/ Mix Master Spade / Gangster Boogie [Dunk Yer Funk (12")]
SCHOOLLY-D / Housing The Joint [extended mix] [Jive (12")]
B.M.O.C. / Play That Funk (12" version) [Sire (12")]
PUBLIC ENEMY / Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti High Blood Pressure Encounter mix) [Def Jam (12")]
SON OF BAZERK / Are You Wit Me [Sound Of Urban Listeners/MCA (LP)]
TONE LOC / Don't Get Close [Delicious Vinyl (LP)]
DIVINE STYLER / Ain't Saying Nothing [Bilawn (12")]
ULTRAMAGNETIC MC's / Travelling At The Speed Of Thought [Next Plateau (12")]
YOUNG MC / I Got More Rhymes [Delicious Vinyl (LP)]
SCHOOLLY-D / Treacherous [Jive (LP)]
LONDON POSSE / Money Mad [Source / Wordplay (LP)]


PSEUDO INTELLECTUALS / Ninety-Seven New York Advertising Men [Lo Do/Druh Slawek Records (LP)]
SPEECH IMPEDIMENTS / Casino [Swamp/Zooooo (7")]
BINARY STAR / New Hip Hop [Subterraneous (LP)]
HARD 2 OBTAIN / Heels Without Souls [Atlantic (LP)]
ALL NATURAL / 50 Years [All Natural (12")]
HOMELISS DERILEX / Fuck You [Stones Throw (EP)]
HOMECUT f/ J-Live / Time Difference (Marc Mac remix) [First Word (LP)]
KING T f/ Ice Cube & Breeze / Played Like A Piano [Capitol (LP)]
BINKIS / Bullitt (Silencer) [Fruitmeat (12")]
FILA BRAZILLIA + DJINJI BROWN / Concorde [TwentyThree (12")]
RAS KASS / Soul On Ice [Patchwerk (LP)]
TYPICAL CATS / Take A Number [Galapagos4 (LP)]
MAD KAP f/ Daddy Freddy / Phuck What Ya Heard [Loud (LP)]
CUT KILLER f/ Puzzle / On perd not' vie a la gagner [Double H (LP)]
DAJZOELSKI f/ DJ Lyrik / Envie (vocal) + En Vie (instrumental) [Coffee Break (7")]


SOULIVE / Bridge To 'Bama (DJ Hi-Tek remix f/ Talib Kweli) [Blue Note/Fabulous Japan (LP)]
PSEUDO INTELLECTUALS f/ Dr. oOo & A.L. Third / The Elmwood Attitude [Deep Thinka (LP)]
PSEUDO INTELLECTUALS / Lafontaine [Lo Do/Druh Slawek Records (LP)]
QUESTIONMARK ASYLUM / Lookaway (Eric Sermon remix) [Kaper/RCA (12")]
GRAP LUVA / Every Man For Himself [Underground Classics (LP)]
LORD FINESSE / Isn't He Something (Extra P session mix) [white label (LP)]
YESHUA DA POED / The Head Bop [Raw Shack (12")]
JEDI SON OF SPOCK / Spit Mode [Head Bop (12")]
JEHST / High Plains Anthem (pts. 1&2) [Low Life (EP)]
LOOTPACK / Questions (remix) [Stones Throw (12")]
LOUIS LOGIC / Punchline (remix) [Superegular (12")]
SHOW & A.G. / Spit [D.I.T.C. (12")]
DILATED PEOPLES / Triple Optics [ABB (12")]
JO-ELL QUIKMAN / How They Do (Philly To Brooklyn) [Ghetto Gold/Rawkus (12")]
HEZEKIAH f/ Bahamadia / Gypsy Slang [Soulspasm (12")]
BLAK TWANG / U Know [Bad Magic (12")]


CSC FUNK BAND / A Little Weight [Electric Cowbell (7")]
GROOVE ARMADA f/ Jeru The Damaja / Suntoucher (beats mix) [Zomba (LP)]
SCRITTI POLITTI f/ Mos Def & Lee Majors / Tinseltown To Boogiedown (Pete Rock variation) [Virgin (12")]
KOHNDO w/ DJ Authentik / Jungle Boogie [Delabel France (12")]
AFU-RA / Whirlwind Thru Cities [Gee Street (12")]
ARSENIK f/ J.P. / Dans Ma Ruche [Virgin France (LP)]
Q-BALL & CURT CAZAL / Repertoire [Gee Street (12")]
DECLAIME / Andsoitisaid [Groove Attack (12")]
MASPYKE / Red Zinger [ABB (LP)]
MAD SKILLZ f/ Extra P & Q-Tip / Extra Abstract Skillz [Big Beat (LP)]
TONY TOUCH f/ The Large Professor, Pete Rock & Masta Ace / Out Da Box [Touch Ent./Landspeed (12")]
BLURUM 13 / Yeast Confection [Jazz Fudge (LP)]
THE CREATORS f/ Tribel / W.A.R. [Bad Magic (LP)]
CHARIZMA & PEANUT BUTTER WOLF / Vapors [Stones Throw (12")]
SKITZ f/ Rodney P / Revolutionary [Ronin (12")]


WISDOM & SLIME f/ Werd / Empty Handed [Goalgetter Austria (EP)]
WAXOLUTIONISTS f/ Schoolz Of Thought / Never Seen Before [Automatique (LP)]
E.S.P. / Valoompadoom Pink [Select (LP)]
KOOL G RAP & DJ POLO vs THE PEDDLERS / Kool Blues (Smoov blend) [Wack (12")]
KOOL G RAP & DJ POLO / Ill Street Blues [BBE (LP)]
THE NONCE / Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night mix) [Wild West (LP)]
AZ / Doe Or Die [EMI (12")]
BOOGIEMONSTERS / Jugganauts [Pendulum (LP)]
DIGABLE PLANETS / The May 4th Movement [Pendulum (LP)]
PEP LOVE / Act. Phenomen [Hiero Imperium (LP)]
LOOPTROOP / Hurricane George [David vs. Goliath (LP)]
DERU f/ The Gift Of Gab / Bad Bad Man [Mush (7")]
THE DEMIGODZ / Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 2 [Ill Boogie (LP)]
DA BUSH BABEES / Remember Me [Reprise (LP)]
CEE-KNOWLEDGE f/ Sun Ra's Arkestra / Space Is The Place [Counterflow (12")]
THE COUP / Hip 2 Tha Skeme [Wild Pitch (LP)]


MASTA ACE f/ Greg Nice / Don't Understand (Pump It Like This) [Yosumi (12")]
MARLEY MARL f/ Lords Of The Underground / It's All Real [Handcuts (12")]
MASSINFLUENCE / All Out [Underground Science (12")]
MAD SKILLZ / Nod Factor [Big Beat (LP)]
QUASIMOTO / Broad Factor [Stones Throw promo (12")]
MASS INFLUENCE / This Is The Way [Nonstop Music / Boulevard (LP)]
PLANET ASIA / Holdin' The Crown [Mona Hip Hop (LP)]
ACEYALONE / Superhuman Hip Hop Head [Battle Axe (12")]
COMMON f/ Sadat X / One-Nine-Nine-Nine [Rawkus (12")]
COMMON / Resurrection (DJ Deckstream remix) [Striding/One Peace (12")]
O.C. / Time's Up (Buck's remix) [Wild Pitch (12")]
RODNEY P / If...? [Pussyfoot (12")]
PITCH BLACK / Show & Prove [Travio (12")]
TY f/ Roots Manuva / So U Want Morre? (refix) [Big Dada (12")]
3 TITANS w/ Menahan Street Band / Life Of A Scholar (re-edit) [Dunham (7")]


SOULS OF MISCHIEF / Spark (RJD2 remix) [Chocolate Industries (12")]
SUPERSTAR QUAMALLAH & DEQAWN / Manhattan Reflections [Brick (10")]
REFLECTION ETERNAL / 2,000 Seasons [Rawkus (12")]
MR. COMPLEX / I'ma Killit [CoRecords (12")]
MUDKIDS / 4-Trackmind [Faith Healing Tunes (CD)]
SIAH & YESHUA DA POED / The Visualz [Fondle 'Em (12")]
CRAIG MACK / Funk Wit Da Style [Bad Boy (LP)]
DR DRE f/ Snoop Dogg / Let Me Ride (extended club mix) [Death Row (12")]
COLD CRUSH BROTHERS / Troopers [B-Boy (12")]
MOTION MAN f/ Planet Asia / Face 2 Face [Threshold (LP)]
PUBLIC ENEMY / Sophisticated (Less Than Zero remix) [CBS (12")]
WISE INTELLIGENT / My Sound [Profile (LP)]
SADAT X f/ Craig G / Lyrics? [Ground Original (LP)]
RAS KASS / Soul On Ice [Priority/Patchwerk (LP)]


TREACHEROUS THREE f/ Philippe Wynne / Whip It [Sugarhill (LP)]
SON OF BAZERK / Sex, Sex And More Sex [MCA (LP)]
EL DA SENSEI / Brothers Ain't Got It [Mary Joy (LP)]
EXODUS 77 / 3D Effect [Regal (mLP)]
EXODUS 77 / Just Time [Regal (mLP)]
THE COLORED SECTION / Bomb MC (original recipe) [12 Inch RPM Ent. (LP)]
EL-P f/ DJ Abilities / Tuned Mass Damper [Def Jux (12")]
CASUAL / Fear No Evil [Hiero Imperium promo (LP)]
CRAIG MACK / Mack Come Thru [Mackworld (12")]
PAUL NICE f/ A.G., Babu & Gennessee / Definition Of Nice [Bomb Hip-Hop (12")]
EXODUS 77 / 59 Seconds [Regal (mLP)]
TONE LOC / Cutting Rhythms [Delicious Vinyl (LP)]
RODNEY P / Tings In Time [Pussyfoot (12")]
MORCHEEBA f/ Biz Markie / In The Hands Of The Gods (Tumbleweed Gunslinger remix) [China (12")]


KRS-ONE / KRS-One Attacks [Jive (LP)]
DREAM WARRIORS f/ DJ Premier / It's A Project Thing [EMI Canada (LP)]
LEWIS PARKER & JOHN ROBINSON f/ Angelz Inc. / Harlem River Drive [Project Mooncircle (LP)]
BLU / Amnesia [Nature Sounds (10")]
DREAM WARRIORS f/ Gang Starr / I've Lost My Ignorance [EMI Canada (LP)]
PLANET ASIA / Fresno State Of Mind [Om (LP)]
SKHOOL YARD / Sit Back And Chill [Threshold (12")]
DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN w/ Parallel Thought / Ownership [Parallel Thought (LP)]
ERIC B & RAKIM / Don't Sweat The Technique (original unreleased version) [360? Entertainment (12")]
CHRIS CRAFT f/ John Robinson / Clear One [Aljera Music (7")]
NICK ZERO / Atta Boy [Scion/Beyond Marketing (mix CD)]
PSALM ONE / Joe Mama [Birthwrite (LP)]
KIDBOY f/ BluRum 13 / A Moment To Think [Jazzmilk (12")]
DE LA SOUL / Sweet Dreams [De La Soul Gems (12")]
DXA / I Get Up [Blunted Astronaut (7")]
JERU THE DAMAJA / Great Solar Stance [Blak Lion (12")]
JOHN ROBINSON & PVD / Miles & Trane [Cotter/Brick (7")]


HEBREW ROGERS / Can't Buy Soul [Deep Groove Sounds (7")]
THE IDES OF MARCH / Vehicle [Warner (7")]
JULIE DRISCOLL w/ Brian Auger Trinity / Tramp [Polydor (LP)]
THE BOX TOPS / The Letter [Collectables (7")]
THE ELECTRIC FLAG / Killing Floor [CBS (LP)]
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL / I Heard It Through The Grapevine [Fantasy (LP)]
THE MONKEES / Goin' Down [Arista (LP)]
PETE TOWNSHEND / Face The Face (extended mix) [Atco (12")]
DONOVAN / Barabajabal (Love Is Hot) [Stateside (LP)]
FLEETWOOD MAC / Oh Well (edit) [Reprise (LP)]
STRETCH / Why Did You Do It (one-two jazz mix) [Dum Dum (12")]
JOE COCKER / Cry Me A River [A&M (LP)]
THE ANIMALS / I'm Crying [RAK (LP)].